Front photo


  • light colored background
  • full front, both ears showing equally
  • put hair up into ponytail
  • smile in all the pictures the way you want to be depicted

                                                                              Profil photo

  • Keep your head straight
  • put hair up into ponytail
  • the camera on a line with the face  - do not shoot from above or below     

                                                                   Checklist for the photos:

  • if you're too close the face gets distorted (nose gets reeeeally big!) When you take the face shots it is better to take a few steps back and zoom in a little rather than get the camera too close
  • one picture of the two of you next to each other, full front
  • Photos of details, eg: Bridal Hairstyle, Bridal Bouquet, Wedding groom suit, tie, rings, etc.