Are your toppers eatable?
Toppers made from Polymer clay and they ARE NOT EATABLE.!!

What is the topper size?
Usually toppers are 20 cm. But size can be changed by request.

How much does a topper weigh?
It’s up to size, usually 500 gr.

How to place an order?
Before making order, please contact me via email or phone, to check available dates.
Transfer 50% of order price to my account, after money received, your date will be booked on your name.

What king of photos do I need to send?
As more picture you send as easier it will be to me to create exec copy of desirable object/person.
at least I need:
1. Picture an face.
2. Picture profile.
3. Picture from 30 dg angle.
If you want your figure in specific position (sitting, running…..) please send me couple of pictures in this position.
If it’s a wedding cake topper, picture of wedding dress and bridegroom tuxedo will be needed. Please send sharp and quality pictures.

NOTE: don’t use flash on photos. ( flash eliminate contours).

How long do the figures last?
There is no “life” time limit,  but I suggest to avoid direct sunlight.

How long does it take to create a topper?
It’s depends how many orders I have. usually it takes 2-9 weeks,

How soon should I reserve my topper?
I need at least 1-3 months advance notice to complete a sculpture.

Many people make reservations a year and more in advance.

What should I do if I didn’t decide yet on my wedding dress and hairstyle?
More important to reserve the day, pictures can be sent up to 2 month before reserved day!

Can you guaranty that topper will be exactly like me?
Figure is not a portrait, but it will be almost like you.

What if something is broken when it arrives?
Contact me immediately. If it is simply a piece that gets knocked loose do to rough handling you can usually simply re glue it. If it suffers significant damage you may return it to me for repair.